Lisa Michelle Lewis

Senior Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Professor
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden
530 Federal Street
Room 422
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-6226

PhD (Nursing): University of Missouri-Columbia, 2002
MA (Nursing Education): New York University, 1998
BSN (Nursing): Syracuse University, 1992
Cardiovascular health equity
Health behavior change
Treatment adherence
Black men

Dr. Lisa M. Lewis conducts research to reduce cardiovascular disparities in the Black community by examining factors associated with hypertension treatment adherence. Dr. Lewis also has expertise in the development and testing of community-based interventions targeted at improving the behavioral more

Selected Publications 

Lewis, L.M., Perry, M.A., Joseph, P., & Villarruel, A.M. (in press). Dismantling Structural Racism in Nursing Research. Nursing Outlook, xx, xxx.

Addison, H.A., Richmond, T.S., Lewis, L.M., & Jacoby, S. (2022). Mental Health Outcomes in Formerly Incarcerated Black Men: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 78(7), 1851-1869, DOI:

Fields, S.D., Wharton, M.J., Ackerman-Barger, K., Lewis, L.M. & Beard, K.V. (2022). The Rise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Practitioners in Academic Nursing. OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 27(1), Manuscript 3. DOI: 10.3912/OJIN.Vol27No01Man03.

Iroegbu, C., Lewis, L.M. & Matura, L.A. (2022). An Integrative Review: Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness and the Social Determinants of Health.  Journal of Advanced Nursing, 78(4), 918-928, DOI:

Osokpo, O.H., Lewis, L.M., Uchechukwu, I., Chittams, J., Bark, F.K. & Riegel, B. (2021). Self-Care of African Immigrant Adults with Chronic Illness. Clinical Nursing Research, 0(00), 1-13 DOI: 10.1177/10547738211056168.

Melnyk, B., Arslanian-Engoren, C., Braun, L.T., Dunbar, J., Dunbar, S., Lewis, L.M., Tucker, S. & Wilbur, J. (2021) Critical Care Nurses’ Physical and Mental Health, Perceived Worksite Wellness and Medical Errors: An Urgent Call for Action. American Journal of Critical Care, 30(3), 176-184.

Kelly, T., Teitelman, A.M., PhD, Deatrick, J.A., Kral, T.V. E., & Lewis, L. (2020).  Exploring Beliefs about Fruit and Vegetable Recommendations among Black Emerging Adult Women. ABNF Journal,31(3),80-87.

Kelly, T., Kral, T.V.E., Teitelman, A.M., Deatrick, J. & Lewis, L.M. (2020). Predicting Intentions to Meet Fruit & Vegetable Recommendations among Black Emerging Adult Women.  Journal of American College Health (online ahead of print). DOI:10.1080/07448481.2020.1782921.

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Harvin, L.A., Winter, D.M., Hoover, E.L. & Lewis, L.M. (2020). Bridging the Gap: Utilizing Faith Based Interventions to Manage Hypertension among African Americans. Journal of Christian Nursing, 37(1), 38-45.

Hickerson, K.A., Fried, C., Levy, R.R., Lewis, L.M. & Bernstein, J. (2019). Measurement of Cultural Competency: A Pilot Study of Nurses’ Knowledge of Religious Practices. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 9(8), 74-79.

Ha, Y.P., Seifu, L.D., Lewis, L.M., Dupuis, R., Brawner, B.M., & Cannuscio, C.C. (2018). Partnering Medical Students with Barbers to Cut Hypertension in Black Men. AJPH, 108(6), 785-787.

Melnyk, B., Orsolini, L., Tan, A., Arslanian-Engoren, C., Melkus, G.D., Dunbar-Jacob, J.,

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Ruppar, T.M., Dunbar-Jacob, J.M., Mehr, D.R., Lewis, L.M., Conn, V.S. (2017). Medication Adherence Interventions among Hypertensive Black Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Hypertension,35 (6), 1145-1154.

Funding - Internal 

SPINE-WORK: SPINE-WORK: An inclusive research community to study and improve force-based manipulations for spine pain (PI: Winkelstein)
Role: Co-Investigator
1 U24 AT011978-01
04/01/22 – 03/31/27     

Black Men Hip to BP: A Mobile Health (mHealth) Self-Management Program for Black Men with Hypertension
Role: Principal Investigator
Edna G. Kynett Memorial Foundation, Inc.
06/30/2017 – 05/31/2019

Genetic Determinants of Medication Adherence in Hypertensive Black Men
Role: Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator, Joe Libonati
Office of Nursing Research Faculty Pilot Grant: Precision Science Challenge Grant
School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, $20,000
04/01/2016 – 09/30/2017


Honors and Distinctions 



2016 Fellow, National Institute of Nursing Research Summer Genetics Institute

2012 Fellow, Program to Increase Diversity in Behavioral Medicine and Sleep Disorders Research


Professional Awards 

2021 Estelle Osborne Alumni Recognition Award, New York University

2019 Trustees' Council of Penn Women's 25th Anniversary Award for Excellence in Advising, University of Pennsylvania

2019 Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Pennsylvania

2018 Fellow, American Heart of Association

2018 Dean’s Award for Exemplary Teaching, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

2017 Inaugural Calvin Bland Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

2017 Undergraduate Award for Teaching, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

2017 Dean’s Award for Exemplary Citizenship, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

2015 Penn Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

2014 Family and Community Health Department Service Award, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

2014 Alumna of the Year, University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing

2013 Forum of Executive Women Award for Emerging Women Leaders, Philadelphia, PA

2013 Family and Community Health Department Award for Outstanding Scholarship, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

2012 Clinical Article of the Year, American Heart Association Council on Cardiovascular Nursing

2012 Fellow, American Academy of Nursing 

State of Pennsylvania, Registered Nurse, 2005-present, RN568996