Welcome from Dean Nickitas


Message from the Dean--- Be Wise, Get Wisdom, and Share Wisdom’s Wealth

Be Wise

WELCOME to the beginning of the new academic year at the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden (SNC)! We are thrilled to welcome back all our continuing students who will advance their own wisdom, knowledge  development and academic progression  during the coming  year.   A special welcome to our incoming freshmen and transfer students! We are excited to have you with us as you bring your energy  and enthusiasm on your journey to becoming wise about nursing. Here  at Rutgers-Camden, we  recognize that wisdom is a value that compounds over time. If you regularly add wisdom to your life, you become a professional who has the ability to discern right from wrong, to understand what is true and lasting, and build a professional life on the  foundations of science, evidence-based practice, and principles/morals  that withstand the winds of  change and the waves of adversity.

Get Wisdom from our new Center for Academic, Resources, Engagement and Service @ School of Nursing-Camden (SNC-CARES)

 Ask any of our continuing students, both undergraduate and graduate how being wise and gaining wisdom in the discipline of nursing allows you to become new stewards of the profession. Our faculty, staff, and academic advisors are available to serve and  support all students across all programs throughout their experiences at SNC. In fact, this academic year we are proud to announce our new Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden Center for Academic, Resources, Engagement and Services (SNC-CARES). We have combined our Office of Clinical Operations and Office of Nursing Academic Advising into a comprehensive student-centered hub.

The Center is located on the 3rd floor and is open to provide student services from 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday. Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments to meet with these specialists using Raptor Connect.  

The staff of SNC-CARES includes:

  • Sonia Krutzke – Administrative Assistant - Room 314
  • Jana Nelson – Academic Dean I/Advisor - Room 319
  • Melanie Palm – Academic Dean III/Advisor - Room 320
  • Jonathan Smith – Academic Dean III/Advisor - Room 321
  • Carlie Ale – Clinical Coordinator – Room 322
  • Margo Wallace – Clinical Coordinator - Room 323
  • Robin Lundell –  Administrative Assistant - Room 324

Share Wisdom’s Wealth

Wisdom allows you the opportunity to synthesize multiple options and select the best course of action. Sometimes, wisdom can offer simple solutions to a complex situation and as Dean, I empower you to enter this academic year with the courage to seek support, take time to listen intently, learn from others about their life experiences, and be fully present during your journey in becoming a professional nurse.

Each nursing student has a unique story of learning and discovery at SNC. As you ride the shuttle, walk around campus, sit in the café and lounges, take the elevator to class, or pass students, faculty and staff in the hallways, take the time to say hello to others and introduce yourself. Become a member of our learning community.  Walk around our beautiful building and notice the sunrises and sunsets. Appreciate where you are, reflect on why you chose to be part of this community, and witness how our culture seeks to build resiliency to cope with the activities that fill our daily lives.

This I know is true, wisdom provides perspective, whether we succeed or fail. We learn hard lessons about who we are and how we cope when challenged. May wisdom be your life preserver when you are overwhelmed, a compass when lost, or the light that brightens the darkness during perplexing situations. In the process of discovery and acquisition of new knowledge there is a real opportunity to master an abundance of skills, attributes and attitudes.  There is also something exciting about advancing your academic standing and progress within our SNC nursing program--- You get wisdom to give wisdom but you also, share wisdom’s wealth with those who will like yourself seek to become the stewards of the profession.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” George Bernard Shaw

Have a wonderful, productive academic year!

Donna M. Nickitas, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, FNAP, FAAN
Dean and Professor