Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden's scholars engage in evidence-based research that leverages cross-disciplinary expertise within a shared framework of social justice and health equity. Our school's faculty researchers explore topics such as poverty and vulnerable communities; health promotion, prevention, and literacy; access to care; community-based research; and social determinants of health – to name a few. These dedicated researchers translate findings into advanced nursing practice, catalyze health care innovation, and promote well-being.

Nurses have a storied history as champions who advocate for health equity and vulnerable communities. Students across all levels of scholarship are better equipped to recognize the causes of complex social problems, devise innovative solutions, and develop skills necessary to success in the workplace when they participate in direct service, capacity building, advocacy, and evidence-based, participatory research. Now, as never before, there is a growing movement of committed nursing professionals partnered with service providers and researchers across disciplines to bring healing and health equity to underserved communities around the world.

Social justice is the fundamental, unifying theme that informs our school's strategic direction. We believe a person's zip code should not determine the quality of their health care, and in a free society, access to care—and decision-making regarding one’s care—are basic rights, not privileges. This core value aligns with Rutgers University–Camden's commitment to civic engagement which encourages students to use the theories learned in the classroom to develop critical thinking and practice their 'voices' as professional nurses.