Patricia D. Suplee

Associate Professor
Additional Titles 
Divisional Chair, Center of Academic Excellence – Division of Baccalaureate Nursing Practice
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden
530 Federal Street
Room 423
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-2317

PhD (Nursing): University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, 2000
MSN (Perinatal Clinical Specialist): University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
BSN (Nursing): Indiana University School of Nursing
Diploma: Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing
Maternal mortality
Maternal morbidity
Breast cancer
Decision making
Nursing education

Dr. Patricia D. Suplee's program of research is aimed at advancing knowledge that can ultimately be translated into practice in order to improve maternal health during transitions from the hospital to community during the postpartum period. Dr. Suplee is an Associate Professor at the Rutgers more

Selected Publications 

Chapters in Books or Monographs

Bingham, D., & Suplee, P.D. (2018). The postpartum period. In C. Torchen and M.A. Clark (Eds.). Encyclopedia of Clinical Nursing. New York, N.Y.: Springer.

Bloch, J., Lecks, K., & Suplee, P.D. (2012). Caring for women with Asperger syndrome during the childbearing cycle. In E. Gierelli & M. Gardner (Eds.). Nursing of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Integrated Care across the Lifespan. Philadelphia: Springer.

Articles in Refereed Journals (*databased)

*Suplee, P.D., Bloch, J., Hillier, A., & Herbert, T. (2018). Using GIS to visualize relationships between perinatal outcomes and neighborhood characteristics when planning community interventions. JOGNN, 47(2), 158-172.

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*Jerome D’Emilia, B., Kushary, D., & Suplee, P.D. (2017). Rising rates of contralateral prophylactic mastectomy for early stage breast cancer. Cancer Nursing, doi: 10.1097/NCC.0000000000000564. [Epub a head of print].

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Hanna, A.F. & Suplee, P.D. (2013). Staff Development Special. Don’t cross the line: Respecting professional boundaries. Nursing Management, 44, 24-32. Reprinted by publisher.

Funding - Internal 

Providing Health Education to Community Organizations throughout Camden
Rutgers University Community Engagement Grant
PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB.

Insurance Status and Breast Cancer in New Jersey
Cross-Disciplinary Grant from the Rutgers University—Camden Provost Fund
PI: Bonnie Jerome D’Emilia PhD, MPH, RN, CO-PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB, and Debashis Kushary PhD.

Assisting Low Income Populations by Providing Health Education
Rutgers University Community Engagement Grant,
PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB. 

How Do Women Who are Uninsured or Receive Medicaid Insurance Make their Decision to Have a Bilateral Mastectomy for Unilateral Breast Cancer?
Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden grant
PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB, CO-PI: Bonnie Jerome D’Emilia Ph.D., MPH, RN.

Social Determinants of Health and Birth Outcomes
Rutgers University Research Council
PI: Patricia D. Suplee PhD, RNC-OB.

Neighborhood Characteristics that Influence Adverse Birth Outcomes of Hispanic Women Living in Camden, NJ.
Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden Dean’s Summer Research Grant
PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB.

Providing Education to Meet the Healthcare Needs of African American Women: A Community Engagement Project.
Rutgers University Community Engagement Grant
PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB.

Funding - External 

The Relationship between Birth Outcomes and Neighborhood Characteristics within an Urban Population of Predominantly African American and Hispanic Women
AWHONN/March of Dimes
PI: Patricia D. Suplee PhD, RNC-OB.

Identifying Urban Women’s Needs for Postpartum Self-Care and Parental Transition
Eta Mu Chapter Sigma Theta Tau International
PI: Patricia D. Suplee PhD, RNC-OB, CO-I: Marcia Gardner PhD, RN, CPNP, CPN, and Lynne Borucki PhD.

Honors and Distinctions 


 2016 — Digital Teaching Fellow,  Rutgers University—Camden

 2012 — Civic Engagement Fellow, Rutgers University—Camden

 2004 — AACN Executive Leadership Program Fellow

Professional Awards and Honors

2017 — Suzanne Feetham Nurse Scientist Family Research Award, Eastern Nursing Research Society  

2015 — Chancellor’s Award for Academic Civic Engagement, Rutgers University—Camden

2014 — N.J. March of Dimes Nurse of the Year (Research category)

2014 — Excellence in Professional Nursing, Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden

2012 — Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, Rutgers University—Camden

In-Patient Obstetrics, National Certification Corportation, 1989 - Present
RN Licensure New Jersey (expires 2019)
RN Licensure Pennsylvania (inactive status)
Professional Organizations 
American Nurses Association (ANA)
Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS)
Sigma Theta Tau International, Eta Mu and Xi Chapters
Clinical Expertise 
Obstetrics, High Risk Pregnancies, Women's Health, Clinical Education, Nursing Faculty Development