Janice M. Beitz

Additional Titles 
Director, Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Program (WOCNEP)
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden
530 Federal Street
Room 441
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-6791

Post Master’s Certificate (Adult Nurse Practitioner): La Salle University, 2007
PhD (Educational Psychology): Temple University, 1995
MSN (Nursing Education and Adult Health): Villanova University, 1986
BS (Nursing): La Salle University, 1983
Diploma: Germantown Hospital School of Nursing, 1975
Wound ostomy continence care
Pressure ulcer/injury prevention and management
Test construction and evaluation
Social bullying in academia
Perioperative patient safety

Janice M. Beitz, a native of Philadelphia and a proud New Jerseyan since 1977, has over 45 years of nursing experience in acute, sub-acute, and outpatient care settings.  Dr. Beitz is board certified as an adult clinical specialist in medical-surgical nursing, as a nurse of the operating room, as...read more

Selected Publications 

Chapters in Books or Monographs

Beitz, J. (2023). Medications that affect wound healing. In R. Bryant & D. Nix. Acute and chronic wounds. (6th ed.). New chapter invited for this edition. Philadelphia: Elsevier.

Beitz, J. (2020).  Wound healing.  In Doughty, D, McNichol, L., etc.  WOCN wound core curriculum textbook (2nd ed).  Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. 

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Beitz, J. (2015). Update of intestinal and rectal disorders. In Hinkle, J., Cheever, K., (eds). Brunner & Suddarth’s textbook of medical surgical nursing (13th ed.) (pp. 1285-1333). Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins

Articles in Non-refereed or General Journals

Beitz, J. & Krasner, D. (2020). 2020: The Year of the Nurse and Midwife and the Covid-19 pandemic: What it may mean for the wound care community. Guest Editorial. Wound Management and Prevention, 66(5), 6.

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Refereed Blind Peer Reviewed Research Publications

Doucette, J., Mawn, B., Beitz, J., & Koren, A., (2023). Factors affecting psychosocial adjustment in persons with a recent ostomy. Journal of WOCN, 50(4) 1-10.

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Geria, K. & Beitz, J. (2018). Application of a modified version of the Diabetes Prevention Program with adolescents. Public Health Nursing, 00, 1-7. https://doi.org/10.1111/phn.12379

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Beitz, J. (2016). Don’t sugarcoat it: Diabetes prevention services in South Jersey: Current realities, future opportunities. The Senator Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs (Publications). Published on Website September 15, 2016 at: https://rand.camden.rutgers.edu/publications/ (Not Blinded)

Mackey, D., McNichol, L., Watts, C.S., Beitz, J., & Gray, M. (2015). Identifying the right surface for the right patient at the right time: Consensus statements and an algorithm for support surface selection. Journal of WOCN, 42 (1), 19-37

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Refereed Blind Peer Reviewed Theory Publications

Beitz, J. & Kennedy-Evans, K.L. (2023). Not all good things come in small packages: Comprehensive care of the bariatric patient. Journal of WOCN, 50 (5), 365-374.

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Beitz, J. (2013). Skin and wound issues in Parkinson’s Disease: An overview of common disorders. Ostomy Wound Management, 59(6), 26-36

Funding - Internal 

Co-Authored Grant Request to Chancellor's Research Fund: "Measuring Social Bullying in Academic Professional Schools." Rutgers Camden, NJ (C. Spell, Co-PI), (Requested $14,500; Funded $9,950)

Co-Authored Grant Request to Provost’s Research Fund Catalyst Grant: “Psychometric Development and Validation of Instrument Measuring Academic Bullying in Clinical Practice Disciplines.” Rutgers Camden, NJ (C. Beckmann, Co-PI) (Requesting $5,000; /Funded $4,000)

Co-Authored Grant Request to Rutgers Research Council, Rutgers University. “Psychometric Development of an Instrument to Measure Social Bullying in Nursing Academia.” Spring 2019. (C. Beckmann, Co-PI). (Funded $2,000).

Co-Authored Grant Request to Faculty Research Fund School of Nursing, Rutgers University Camden. “Psychometric Development of a Scale to Measure Social Bullying in Nursing Academia.” Spring 2018. (C. Beckmann, Co-PI) (Funded $1,500)

Funding - External 

Co-Authored Grant Request to NSF. “LEAP-HI: Toward Smart Bandages with Cold Plasma and Fusion Protein-based Therapies for Chronic Wound Care.” (Co-PIs: Mazzeo, A., Beitz, J. Berthiaume, F., Javanmard, M., & Roy, J.) Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ, September 2019.  (Requesting $2,000,000; Not Funded).

2012 (Grant Amount: $26,000)
Co-Authored Research Proposal to Convatec Inc. “Development and Systematic Review of Evidence-Based Algorithm for Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Adults.” (with Lia van Rijswijk)

2012 (Grant Amount: $10,000)
Co-Authored Research Proposal to Center for Clinical Investigation (CCI) of WOCN Society for Hollister Research Grant in support of study: “Stomal and Peristomal Complications: Prioritized Management Approaches. Submitted January 2012

2012 (Grant Amount: $53,790)
Co-Authored Research Proposal to Convatec, Inc., “Online Solutions® Wound Care Algorithms: A Validation Study with Registered Nurses.” (with Lia van Rijswijk).

2012 (Grant Amount: $164,147)
Co-Authored Research Proposal to Convatec, Inc. “Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT): Development of an Algorithm for NPWT Use and Content Validation By Wound Care Professionals.” (with Lia van Rijswijk).

Honors and Distinctions 


2023- Fellow of WOCN Society (Inaugural Class)

2019 — Fellow of the National Academies of Practice

2015 — Fellow of the Academy of Nursing Education, Las Vegas, NV, October

2014 — Rutgers University Walter Rand Institute Faculty Fellow

2014 — Rutgers University-Camden Digital Faculty Fellow

2013 — Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing

Professional Awards and Honors

2022-- Award for Excellence in Professional Nursing. Rutgers University School of Nursing-Camden, Camden, NJ 

2019 — Proclamation from City of Camden and Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez for Induction as Fellow of National Academies of Practice, Haddonfield, NJ

2016 — Selected as Outstanding Reviewer for 2015-2016, Ostomy/Wound Management, Awarded Annual Board Meeting, Atlanta, GA at SAWC

2014 — Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence Rutgers University—Camden

2014 — Selected as Focus of “My Scope of Practice” column of Ostomy/Wound Management: “Keep Care A Laughing Matter.”

2012 — Outstanding Nursing Alumna, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA

Editorial Activities

12/2015-ongoing — Member, Editorial Board, Wounds

2012-ongoing — Manuscript Reviewer Panel, Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

05/2008-ongoing — Manuscript Reviewer Panel, Western Journal of Nursing Research

08/2006-ongoing — Manuscript Reviewer Panel, Nursing Education Perspectives

08/2000-ongoing — Manuscript Reviewer Panel, AORN Journal

03/1999-ongoing — Manuscript Reviewer Panel, Journal of WOCN

01/2022-ongoing  - Deputy Editor, Journal of WOCN

10/1997-ongoing — Member, Editorial BoardWound Management and Prevention

10/1995-ongoing — Member, Editorial Board, Nurse Educator (1995-2018), Manuscript Reviewer (2018 to present)

Certified Nurse of the Operating Room; Association of Operating Room Nurses
Basic Cardiac Life Support - Recertified bi-yearly - American Heart Association.
Clinical Specialist in Adult Health Nursing; American Nurses Credentialing Center.
Wound, Ostomy, Continence (WOC) Nurse; Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing Certification Board.
Advanced Practice Wound, Ostomy, Continence (WOC) Nurse (CWOCN-AP); WOCN Certification Board
Adult Nurse Practitioner; American Nurses Credentialing Center.
Professional Organizations 
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Nurses’ Association
American Professional Wound Care Association
Association for the Advancement of Wound Care
Association of Operating Room Nurses
Eastern Nursing Research Society
National League for Nursing
Sigma Theta Tau
World Council of Enterostomal Therapists
Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society
Clinical Expertise 
Adult health, acute and chronic wound care, ostomy care, perioperative nursing, teaching/learning issues, test construction and evaluation, academic social bullying