Bonnie M. Jerome-D'Emilia

Associate Professor
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden
530 Federal Street
Room 339
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-2313

PhD (Health Services Research): Virginia Commonwealth University, 1998
MPH (Health Administration): Columbia University School of Public Health, 1988
BSN: SUNY Downstate College of Nursing, 1982
BS (Biochemistry): Brooklyn College, 1980
Breast cancer screening
Treatment and outcomes
Cancer disparities
Treatment decision making
Women’s health
Diffusion of innovation

Dr. Bonnie Jerome-D'Emilia targets her program of research on breast cancer screening and treatment, with a focus on disparities. Dr. Jerome-D'Emilia has conducted a number of community-based participatory research studies in Camden looking at women’s decision-making in terms of breast cancer more

Selected Publications 

Chapters in Books or Monographs

Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Jackson, K., (2016) Patient-engaged and Community Participatory Research in Bloch, J., Clark, M, & Courtney, M. (eds.), Practice-Based Clinical Inquiry in Nursing: Looking Beyond Traditional Methods for PhD and DNP Research. Springer Publishing Company, LLC. 

Jerome-D’Emilia, B. The U.S. Health and Public Health Care Systems. In Stanhope, M. and Lancaster, J. (eds.), (2013) Foundations of Nursing in the Community, 4th edition. St. Louis: Mosby.

Articles in Refereed Journals (*databased)

Marmor, S., Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Begun, J.W. et al. Cancer Causes Control (2019), Trends in lobular carcinoma in situ management: endocrine therapy use in California and New Jersey, Cancer Causes & Control, 30: 129.

*Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Kushary, D., Suplee, P. (2019). Rising Rates of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy as a Treatment for Early Stage Breast Cancer. Cancer Nursing, doi: 10.1097/NCC.0000000000000564. 

*Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Kushary, D., Burrell, S., Suplee, P., & Hansen, K. (2018). Breast Cancer Stage at Diagnosis in a New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection Site. American Journal of Clinical Oncology, doi: 10.1097/COC.0000000000000425.

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*Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Chittams, J.  (2015). Validation of the cultural cancer screening scale for mammogram utilization in a sample of African American women. Cancer Nursing, 38 (2), 83-88.

*Jerome-D’Emilia, B. (2015). A systematic review of barriers and facilitators to mammography in          

 Hispanic women. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 26(1), 73-82.

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*Abraham, J.M., Jerome-D’Emilia, B. & Begun, J.W. (2013).  The diffusion of magnet hospital recognition. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(10 SUPPL.), S19-S27.

Funding - Internal 

2016-2017 ($4,000)
Rutgers University Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs, Rand Institute Faculty Fellowship: Breast cancer treatment and outcome in southern New Jersey counties. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B.

2016-2017 ($14,400)
Rutgers University–Camden, cross-disciplinary grant from the Provost's Fund for Research: Insurance Status and Breast Cancer in New Jersey. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B., Co-I: Suplee, P., Co-I: Kushary, Debashis

2016-2017 ($2,000)
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden grant: How do Women who are Uninsured or Receive Medicaid Insurance Make their Decision to Have a Bilateral Mastectomy for Unilateral Breast Cancer?  PI: Patricia D. Suplee Ph.D., RNC-OB, CO-PI: Bonnie Jerome D’Emilia Ph.D., MPH, RN.

2013-2014 ($9,801)
Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden Summer Research Development Program: Expectations for primary care. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B.

Funding - External 

2016-2017 ($300)
Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Mu Chapter, research grant: Poverty, insurance status and the breast cancer experience in New Jersey. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B.

2014-2015. ($4,800)
American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation: Variation in treatment for breast cancer: What factors are influencing patient choice? PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B.

2014-2015 ($300)
Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Mu Chapter, research grant: Translation and validation of the Spanish version of the Mammography Specific Self-Efficacy Scale. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B.

2012-2013. ($500)
Sigma Theta Tau, Eta Mu Chapter, research grant: Gaining insight into self-efficacy of women from an urban community. PI: Jerome-D’Emilia, B. Co-I: Velez, V.

Honors and Distinctions 


2016 to 2017 — Rand Institute Faculty Fellowship, Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs, Rutgers University—Camden

2015 to 2016 — Institute for Research on Women, Seminar on Poverty Fellowship, Rutgers University

2011 to 2012 — Civic Engagement Fellowship, Rutgers University—Camden

2007 to 2008 — Nurse Fellow in Philanthropy and Policy, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Rutgers Center for State Health Policy

Professional Awards and Honors

2012 — Outstanding Nurse Educator, Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden

2004 — Innovative Teaching Award, University of Virginia School of Nursing