About Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden

Rutgers School of Nursing—Camden is rapidly emerging as an important leader in nursing education, research, and the expert delivery of health care across southern New Jersey, the Delaware Valley, and beyond. We became the fourth designated school at Rutgers University–Camden in 2011, but our tradition of excellence in nursing education extends to 1972 when the Rutgers University—Camden Department of Nursing was first established. For more than 45 years, we have prepared world-class nurses right here in the heart of southern New Jersey – educating health care providers, scholars, and leaders who advance change and promote well-being across the homes, hospitals, and communities they serve. Come learn with us – our growth is extraordinary and our future is bright!

Supportive learning community

We inspire students to explore, re-imagine, and disrupt nursing stereotypes – to understand the full scope of nursing practice and to pursue the unlimited opportunities they have to make a difference. As members of Rutgers University, our students enjoy all the benefits of a world-class academic experience in a tight-knit, friendly campus that offers individualized support at a competitive tuition rate.

Flexible academic programs

Whether you are new to the nursing profession or seeking to advance your career, the School of Nursing—Camden offers fully accredited undergraduate, graduate, and professional academic programs, including a convenient, online RN-to-BS in Nursing option. Students across all levels of scholarship build knowledge and gain skills through a rigorous liberal arts education that combines hands-on clinical experiences, participation in research opportunities, and service learning at home and around the globe.

Social justice at home and around the world

We believe a person's zip code should not determine the quality of their health care, and that access to care is a basic right, not a privilege. Social justice is the fundamental theme that informs our school's strategic direction and a core value that aligns with Rutgers—Camden's commitment to civic engagement – connecting campus resources with the needs of people in communities. Our faculty, students, and staff are immersed in the community and contribute to a campus-wide climate of cross-disciplinary collaboration, engaged civic learning, and research that promotes health care at home and abroad.

Bridging the Gap

Access to a nursing education is now within reach of qualified New Jersey families through Rutgers—Camden's Bridging the Gap program. This program for first-year undergraduate and transfer students eases the burden of student debt loads, helps build a diverse nurse workforce, and supports health equity for underserved communities.


Let our Office of Nursing Student Success help you explore how our academic programs can best fit your scholarly plans and career goals.