Clinical Skills

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The NSB offers 4 classrooms as well as 7 seminar style rooms that can be used in connection with the CEIEPI for pre briefing, debriefing, and breakout sessions. The technology‐enhanced classrooms could allow for video conferencing between the mock exam rooms and the larger classrooms where students can watch simulated encounters. The 4th floor Simulation Center can accommodate at most, 24 learners participating in three different learning activities at one time.  Up to twelve students can participate in clinical skills training with standardized patients in the 4 mock examination rooms. A team of four‐six students can participate in mannequin‐based training activities in the 2 mock intensive care suites.  In the 3rd floor Clinical Learning Laboratory, 48 students can participate in clinical skills training, as well as participate in videotaped skills acquisition sessions at the bedside.