Meet Christina Harrell, Class of 2022

Christina Harrell, Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden Class of 2022.

Cinnaminson resident Christina Harrell is a first-year student in the Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden traditional baccalaureate program and the first one of her siblings to go to college. Christina, who goes by Tina, is inspired to pursue a nursing major by her family members who share a proud legacy of providing patient care.

“My mother is a labor and delivery nurse. My father and stepmother are also in the health field. I like the idea of helping people. I would like to start off as a trauma registered nurse, and then my ultimate goal is to become a CRNA – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.”

Tina strives to get ahead of her schoolwork, loves playing all types of different sports, hiking, and going to the gym to stay fit. She believes in creating a healthy balance between school and time with family and friends. She recommends, “As a nursing student you will study continuously, and self-care becomes so important – seek out some ‘brain free’ activities. Always stay on top of your school work, but, then leave it at school in order to maintain good balance.”

Tina is looking forward to graduating from Rutgers University–Camden in May of 2022!

Photo by Lacie Porch, School of Nursing–Camden Class of 2022