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School Nurse Certification Program

Applications are accepted October 1 to May 1 for the summer.

Every child deserves a certified school nurse, but school nursing has never been more challenging than now because the health needs of children in our schools have never been more complex or diverse. The School Nurse Certification program in the Rutgers School of Nursing–Camden prepares nurses to handle the challenges of school nursing and play the pivotal role in the schools of making students healthy, fit, and ready to learn.  This intensive summer program prepares registered nurses to fill the important role of school nurse across schools in New Jersey.  In combination with clinical practicums, students learn the skills and theory that keeps our students healthy, fit, and ready to learn.

Read on to learn more about our School Nurse Certification program, or contact Program Coordinator Sharon Conway, MSN, RN, CSN,, (856) 225-2318.

The program includes three classroom based courses which are completed over the summer and are taught by School of Nursing faculty who have decades of experiences working as school nurses. Learning assignments include readings, group presentations, and class discussions which assist students to understand the laws and policies which govern school nursing practice and to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to assess student health, develop plans for care management, serve as first responders, and engage in public health functions such as disease surveillance, and health promotion.

  • Contemporary Issues in School Nursing [4 credits]
  • Methods and Issues in Health Education [3 credits]
  • Principles of School Nursing and School Health Services [3 credits]

In addition to classroom based coursework, students complete two school nursing practicum courses. During these 150 hours of practicum, students work directly with certified school nurses to develop the skills and knowledge that they will need to promote, maintain, and restore the health of children in their schools.

  • Contemporary Issues in School Nursing Practicum I    [3 credits]
  • Contemporary Issues in School Nursing Practicum II   [3 credits]


  • Current License as a Registered Professional Nurse in New Jersey
  • Bachelor's Degree from an Accredited College or University (min. GPA of 2.75)
  • Current CPR/ AED Certification
  • General Education (45 credits)
    Forty-five semester hour credits in general background areas including at least four of the following: Foreign language; fine and practical arts; social studies; mathematics; science; philosophy; psychology; English
  • Foundation Courses (19 credits)
    Sociology of Childhood & Adolescence [3] Public Health Nursing (Nursing IV) [6] Public Health Practicum (Nursing IV) [4] Introduction to Psychology [3] Human Relation/Intercultural Elective [3]

Once accepted, students must have the following:

  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Completion of Health Record Packet
  • Membership with County School Nurse Organization (Burlington, Camden or Gloucester)